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Its been a while since we’ve posted, but here’s something new.  The other day I was looking for some simple outdoor furniture, specifically some stands, like an end table to put plants and things on.  I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere I looked.  But then I realized, I could build something in Cedar and it would look much nicer than the alternatives I was considering.  The next morning over a coffee, I planned out my idea in 3D Build Planner.

plant stand

My Plant Stand

As you can see, its a pretty straight forward little table.  Dimensions are 2ft x 2ft x 2ft.  You can make changes in the plan if you like.

How I made it

To start, I made use of the Layout Wizard to position my 4 2×2 uprights 2 ft apart.  From there, I jumped over to the Joint Wizard where I filled in the 2×4 runners along with the 2×2 top rails.  At first, I was using 10 foot lumber, but then caught myself and switched over to 8 foot lumber.  You can do this by selecting all the pieces from a single type and altering the type and pressing ‘Update’.  By doing this, I saved myself a few bucks as 8 foot lumber is generally cheaper than 10 foot lumber.  I’ve used 3 inch nails, but you can change this as well by updating the fasteners in my plan. (again, use the select by type to select the pieces you need and then update fasteners)

I started by nailing the a 2×4 runner to 2 uprights, positioning the upright on its side and nailing from the top.  I continued this way until I had attached the two sides and finally attached the sides with 2 more 2×4 runners.  From there, I placed the table on its side and nailed in the rails, using a one inch wide block (OK it was a VCR tape).

Here’s a picture of the finished product, I applied a coat of Cedar stain.


completed table

Completed with a coat of stain

This same format and style could be used to build other shapes, longer or full tables, etc.  Enclosed is the plan.  Hope you find it helpful.

Happy Building,

Table Plan

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