Adding Single Pieces With the Layout Wizard

Someone asked us the other day whether there was an easy way to add a piece in relation to another.  It went like this: “Hey Builder Guys – I just want to add another piece on top, how can I do that quickly?”

Answer is: Using the Layout Wizard

The Layout Wizard is for adding multiple pieces based on one piece, but it can also be used to very quickly add a single piece.  So if you want to add a second piece on top, beside or behind another, you don’t need to type in special positions or wiggle it into place, just use the Layout Wizard.

Here’s how:

(1) First, select the piece of lumber you want to copy with your left mouse button.

(2) Next, bring up the Layout Wizard, located on the toolbar under this icon:

The Layout Wizard

The Layout Wizard Toolbar Icon

(3) Depending on where you want the new piece added, set the Layout Wizard accordingly:

Horizontal - If you want to add the piece to the left, or right of your selection.

Vertical - If you want to add the piece in front of, or behind your selection.

Up/Down – If you want to add the piece on top of, or underneath your selection.

(4) Select ‘Inside to Inside’ on the ‘Layout Measurement’ field.

(5) Select the number of pieces you want to add, in these examples, just 1.

(6) Add a small amount in the ‘Measurement between pieces’ field, like .05 of a 1/16 (as shown) and remember, if you add a negative amount here (as in our second example below) you can position the new pieces on the opposite side.

Here’s an example of adding a second piece on top of our anchor piece (shown in green), below is the Layout Wizard settings we used:

Example 1 - Layout Wizard Settings

Example 1 - Layout Wizard Settings

Here is the result, with a new piece added on top.

Example 1 - The Result

Example 1 - The Result

Here’s another example of adding a piece in a different direction using ‘Horizontal’ and also a negative amount in the ‘Measurement between pieces’  field:

Example 2 - Layout Wizard Settings

Example 2 - Layout Wizard Settings

And here’s the resulting piece.  A second Horizontal piece added to the left of the anchor piece.

Example 2 - The Result

Example 2 - The Result

Notice how the piece has been added to the left of the anchor piece.  That’s because we specified the measurement between pieces as a negative amount (-.05).  Had we used a positive amount (.05) the new piece would have been added to the right of the selected piece.

This is just one example of how the Layout Wizard can be used to quickly add new pieces.  Let us know if you come up with other good examples on your own.

Happy Building,

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